I’m João Casanova a digital marketer based in Portugal – Cascais, very close to the westernmost point in Europe.

Recently, I completed the Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate.

Sample Work

Design a Social Media Post Activity

I completed this activity as part of the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. This completed activity demonstrates my ability to write, design, and repurpose engaging content for social media. It also demonstrates my knowledge of brand voice.

About me

Hi, I’m João Casanova. I’m currently a Marketing Assistant at PentaPack Group, and I’ve been working in the Packaging Industry. Previously, I worked as a Station Manager in an Airline Company. I’m interested in the Digital Marketing Coordinator role because I want to apply my creativity and communication skills to the field I’m most passioned about: packaging and packaging accessories.

In my current role, I supported the marketing team on projects across several marketing channels, with focus on social media marketing. I am a strong communicator and a creative problem-solver. I utilize these skills recently when helped adapt PentaPack social media strategy to focus more on the online sale, especially of stock boxes and pizza boxes, which led to increased sales and customer retention. Because I want to learn and develop new skills, I completed the Google Career Certificate in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce last winter.

I admire the mission of TetraPack Inc. in making the world a better place with its eco-friendly and fully recyclable products program, and I would love to be part of the team that will make that happen!


To contact me, please send an email to:


Thank you for your attention!